Circumnavigation Background

The plans for the Circumnavigation started at end December 2007 (ok we may have been a little tipsy).

Our first decision was that we wanted if possible to do the WorldARC as we had a good experience with the ARC in 2003 and ARC Europe in 2004.

We then found out that they have a minimum boat size of 38'. We reviewed our previous decision to stick with Pinball and decided that, if we were going to live on a boat for 20 months in the tropics, we would really want a bit more space and better sleeping and living arrangements.

We started looking for a suitable boat in January and identified a Bruce Roberts Classic 45 as the most suitable at that time, in a price bracket we thought we could stretch to. After much agony we eventually pulled out from the deal due to too many risks. We then found an Aphrodite 42 and after more agony due mainly to our (my) questionable choice of surveyor, we finally did the deal in mid March. We took ownership on 10th April and due to our totally unreasonable surveyor, we had to have the boat transported to Rosneath by road and do a major refit before launching.

The boat was called "Wind on Loch Fyne", which is the name of a Scottish country dance. We decided the name was not very suitable for use in communication over VHF, SSB etc., so we changed the name to Enchantress (thanks to Peter Hope), which is related to Aphrodite, the make of the boat. Details of Enchantress and the refit are given in the Enchantress pages.

Having bought the boat to do the WorldARC, we then decided that we would prefer to do the Blue Water Rally. There are clear pros and cons of both

We decided that the BWR was closer to what we wanted.

Susan will take up to 2 years off work starting August 2009.  We won't be able (on this trip!!) to achieve my dream of sailing under the Sydney bridge as it is more than 1000 miles south of our route, but there are many other highlights to focus on.


The Blue Water Rall runs from Gibralta via the Panama and Suez canals back to Gibralta.

Covers the ARC from Gran Canaria to St Lucia, the WorldARC from Antigua back to Antigua and the ARC Europe from Antigua to the UK.


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