Enchantress 2008 Refit Pictures


The original name of the boat revealed after much sanding. Branco was a famous Brasilian footballer.

The hull after the antifouling has been scraped off.

Minor surface cracks had to be filled before the Osmosis protection could be added.

3 keelbolts removed for checking.

Starting the sandblasting of the keel.

Nearly finished the sandblasting.

The first coat of Epoxy being added immediately after sandblasting.

Making sure that all parts of the keel are covered.

The pitting on the keel is filled before the Gelshield is added.

The first of 7 coats of Gelshield 200.

Another coat done.

The hull ready for antifouling.

The rudder with about 10 coats of Gelshield 200.

The new antifouling added.

The new antifouling added.

Mast and Rigging building the 2 new furling headsail systems.

The new Navpod with the Chart Plotter, AutoPilot and VHF remote control.

New covering & fittings on steps to make them safer.

Susan doing her artistic bit.

A tight squeeze in DRB's shed.

Safely out of the shed after a 6 week stint.

Enchantress looking good.

Launched and waiting for the mast.

Now looking like a boat with the mast fitted.


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