The early days

Skipper at the ready.

The sunshine cap is on - it's a good sign.

Another whopper - it must be several pounds!!!

Someone needs to get the supper.

A quiet moment after a hard day.

No respect for experience (age).

Bow to in Norway.

Recent Photos

Leaving on the world trip in 2009

Using the bikes to get around in Viana

Changing curtesy flags once again

Ready to start the BWR in Gibraltar

All dressed up in Xmas 2009 for a mock wedding.

A fresh Tuna

On a totally deserted island in the Las Perlas Islands

Getting ready for the crossing the equator ceremony on the way to the Galapagos in 2010

A bit of luxury for Sue's birthday

Tahiti - what a shirt!

First time on a motor bike for 44 years - on Nuie

Archery native style!

Trying out the new hat near Cairns on the Karunda railway.

Visiting some of Capt Cooks sites in Cooktown

These termites have been busy.

What one has to do to visit a temple in Bali.

Enjoying a Singapore Sling in Raffles of course!

Getting in the essential supplies in Langkawi

Relaxing after a climb in Phuket.

Well what else would you do in a tea plantation in Sri Lanka

Trying some local headgear in Salalah

Checking out the local toilets in Ephesus


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