The early days

Susan at the top again.

Here's looking at you, looking at me!!

These Irish pubs are difficult to find!!

What do magic mushrooms do again?

2800 miles across the Atlantic in 12 days - easy!!

Challenge 33 in full sail.

Is this halyard supposed to be around my neck?

Life on the edge!

Recent Photos

Susan getting used to life at 30 deg at the start of our world trip in 2009

Getting about on our bikes in Viana

A cave dweller in Gibraltar!!

Ready to start the BWR in Gibraltar.

Halloween in Lanzarote.

Enjoying the beech and sunshine with Pete and John after crossing the Atlantic.

Our mock wedding in Antigua.

Enjoying some fun with Kathy (sister-in-law)

Sailing caribbean style on the way to Bonaire.

On a boisterous passage to San Blas

Arrived safely on Porniveur in the San Blas Islands

A deserted Island in the Las Perlas Islands

Getting ready for the ceremony for crossing the equator on the way to the Galapagos.

relaxing at a resort in the Galapagos.

A couple of wild girls!!

A waterfall on Fatu Hiva in the Marquesas

A local Marquesan canoe.

Being shown how to open an Oyster and check out if there is a black pearl inside.

Trying out a canoe in Tahiti

A get together in Tahiti

Displaying their Pareas on Moorea

Snorkling in the Society Islands

Susan getting close to the volcano on Tanna.

Visiting Capt Cook sites in Cooktown.

The termites have been busy!

A bit tentative on the rustic bridge in Kupang.

Enjoying a Singapore Sling in Raffles of course.

Susan doing her guide bit in KL

Relaxing after a climb in Phuket.

Visiting one of the ruins on the frankensense route in Oman

Susan after being presented with 2 birthday cakes by Mohamed on her Birthday.

Posing with Pete at the Aya Sofia in Istanbul.


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