Chart Management

We currently carry carry over 300 paper charts covering a large part of the world.

          On Enchantress we have 3 forms of charts, Electronic charts for the Chart Plotter, electronic charts on the PC, Paper charts. 

          The Chart Plotter  is a Raymarine C90W which uses Navionics charts on CF. These will be used along with way points for most daya to day sailing, however paper charts will be used to confirm that the electronic charts are accurate, particularly in areas of uncertainty or danger.

          The Computer Charts cover the whole world, but the detail varies. These will be used as back up to the electric chart plotter. They will also be referred to in particularly dangerous areas.

          Paper Charts will be carried to cover all the areas where we plan to sail and in sufficient detail so that we can manage without the electronic charts. The paper charts will be used as back up to the electric charts and to confirm details on route. They will also be used for passage planning as they are much better for this than electronic charts. We will also plot positions on the paper charts on major passages.

          There are essentially two ways to keep paper charts, folding, or rolling. We will keep all charts folded up and divided into portfolios. The portfolios will be split according to geographical areas with the current portfolio kept in the chart table. The Chart locker above the Navigation Station will be used to hold as many portfolios as possible.

          We will keep an inventory of all charts, and chart kits, in a spreadsheet, with the following columns:

          We will print out this spreadsheet, sorted by General Area covered, and put a cover sheet with an index on top of the portfolio.


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