Enchantress Handbook, everything about the blue-water cruising life from A to Z


Enchantress Handbook
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Introduction & Modus Operandi

Chapter 1 - Basics

Chapter 2 - How To's

Chapter 3 - What If?

Chapter 4 - Marine Radio

Chapter 5 - Navigation

Chapter 6 - Using Radar

Chapter 7 - Marine Weather

Chapter 8 - Staying Healthy

Chapter 9 - Reference

Chapter 10 - Miscellaneous

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The Enchantress Handbook is based on a wide variety of sources (particularly the Callipygia600 website) as well as our own experience.

It is intended as a reference, a refresher and training source for ourselves and our sailing friends.

Enchantress Training & Reference Manual

The Enchantress Handbook is our cruising bible for our circumnavigation with the Blue Water Rally. The processes take account of the equipment we have on Enchantress.

The information is relevant to all crew sailing on Enchantress, however the index page highlights which pages are most likely to be relevant/required by the following categories of crew:


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