Modus Operandi

These rules and guidelines are aimed at ensuring that all participants on Enchantress during significant blue water trips have a safe and enjoyable trip. The trip will only be a success if all crew have enjoyed themselves as much as possible, have a real sense of accomplishment and have been fully involved. To maximise this we need to work as a team and to understand what our responsibilities to each other are.

The draft rules and guidelines we will follow to ensure our, and the boat's, safety and security are shown below. As appropriate, these will be reviewed as we go along

Table of Contents
1. Boat & Crew Safety 2. In the Galley 3. Crew Responsibilities
4. Watches 5. Water Usage 6. Battery Maintenance  
7. Dinghy Safety 8. Miscellaneous 9. At Anchor or Docked  

1. Boat & Crew Safety:

7. Dinghy Safety

8. Miscellaneous:

9. At Anchor or Docked:

  • Get the weather forecast at least once a day, and if a front or storm is anticipated, collect a weather forecast in the evening before going to bed.
  • Before leaving the boat for the day, check the bilges, the amount of current being drawn from the batteries. Also check/adjust the ground tackle as appropriate.
  • If we waken in the night to some wind/rain, go into the cockpit and assess the situation. Check and adjust (if necessary) the ground tackle and initiate an anchor watch if necessary.
  • Check the engine oil every Monday
  • When leaving the boat for the day, always lock it.
  • Take a walk round the deck every day and check the anchor and rode or docklines for chafe, signs of dragging, etc., and also give the rigging above the deck an eyeball check.
  • If it looks like lightning, store the computer in the oven.
  • If someone goes swimming off the boat, someone else stays on the boat at all times, and a length of floating (polypropylene) line is left hanging down the side into the water near the swim ladder.
  • Before anyone goes swimming off the boat, check to see if there is any current, and how strong it is. No swimming unless current is negligible.
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