Hand Signals

We've all seen the 4 o'clock show occurring at any given anchorage. It goes like this: You are snugly anchored, relaxing after a exhilarating day of sailing, and enjoying a cold one in the cockpit. Then it happens: a bareboat charter vessel starts the anchoring dance (psycho-drama?). Wife at the wheel, husband at the bow. And they are screaming at each other from the top of their lungs. Of course, this never happened to US (nah:-), but just in case it sounds familiar, we have put together some simple hand signals that will allow us to communicate easily and silently with our mate, and incidentally not to be the anchorage embarrassment!

Note: This will not directly improve our anchoring technique itself. For that, go to our Anchoring Technique page.

The bow person usually gives the signals below !

1. Dropping Anchor

2. Weighing Anchor

That's it. The point is, set and USE hand signals. They save a lot of aggravation and add to our safety.

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This page was last modified on: January 31, 2013

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