Heaving To

 This is one of our options for handling storm conditions so it is important to fully master this.
  1. Check current, sea room, and traffic.
  2. Figure out how far you can safely drift ahead and to leeward.
  3. Go into close reach on the port tack, if possible (this will get you heaved too on the starboard tack, which gives you right of way)
  4. Bring head just through the wind, and as foresail backwinds tighten the sheet so the clew is at the lee shroud
  5. Let the rudder free and trim the main as if for a close reach
  6. Adjust the traveller and sheet so the boat gently drifts along
  7. Adjust the rudder and lock it so the boat is doing less than 1 knot forward and drifting slowly to leeward.
  8. Maintain a lookout
  9. Each boat handles differently. Practice in strong winds to get an idea of how she'll behave in storm conditions.

To get out of the Heave to:

  1. Unlock the steering wheel
  2. Turn the wheel all the way in the opposite direction to where it was for heave to
  3. You should now turn into a sailing position

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