Engine Log:

Our Engine Log is aimed at giving information to help with servicing and diagnostic data for when things go wrong.

We will record the date, the engine-hour meter and the activity description.

Routine inspections, the result of the inspection, and details of all maintenance done, problems encountered will be listed in the Log. When refuelling, the number of litres of fuel put in the tank will be entered, and fuel consumption since the last refuelling calculated. As well as keeping track of engine stuff, we will also log anything related to the starting system and transmission in here.

The engine log will be on the computer but during trips we will take notes in the Maintenance Note Book.

Maintenance Schedule:

Our Schedule has the following columns:

Maintenance Log:

All maintenance work will be recorded on the computer under the following headings:

  1. Engine and propulsion
  2. Electrical
  3. Electronics (incl. Radio, SSB, Radar, Chart Plotter etc)
  4. Dinghy and Motor
  5. Fresh Water
  6. Galley Equipment  & Gas System
  7. Ground Tackle and Windlass
  8. Hull, Zincs, and Deck
  9. Plumbing and Pumps
  10. Rigging and Winches
  11. Safety Equipment
  12. Sails
  13. Steering Systems
  14. Other and Miscellaneous

We will record the date of the work, the piece of equipment and a description of what was done. We will record the details initially in the maintenance note book and then transfer to the computer when convenient.

Defect Log:

We will record any defects under the same headings as the maintenance log and will record the rectification in the maintenance log.

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