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UPDATED 23/7/2014


We have now completed nearly all the major tasks needed to be ready for the 2014+ adventure. We had a survey done in November and this helped define a lot of the tasks which needed to be tackled. We have completed all of the safety aspects and have also done quite a lot of improvements and upgrades on Enchantress. The improvements and major tasks are shown on the Refit pages, which includes a number of photographs.

One of the tasks still to be completed is the upgrading of our autopilot system. The old system failed earlier this year and we have now bought the latest Raymarine Evolution 400 system. This will be fitted before we set off on 3rd August.

One of the winter tasks which I have undertaken is to completely review our safety equipment. I took the latest list used by the World Cruising Club and then measured how prepared we were and whether we had equipment and plans up to the job. The resulting comparison is attached.

I have also been progressing on our communications facilities. We have purchased and fitted an Iridium phone system. It is second hand but is a very robust fixed unit with an external antenna (Sailor SC4000). We will use it with Mailasail for email and weather forecasting and will also use Mailasail for our regular blog (blog.mailasail.com/enchantress), with links to and from this website.

I have also purchased an antenna system for WiFi. The Ubiquity Bullet system should allow us to pickup wifi signals from up to 1 mile offshore when we are in anchorages and marinas. I have also bought a MiFI system (Huawei E5372) to enable creating a mobile wifi system on the boat linked to 3G mobile phone systems. This will allow Susan to use her Ipad to connect to the internet.

Our Cars are sold, our house is rented out and have moved all our possessions into storage. Susan has resigned from work and will finish on the 25th July. We are ready to go!!

Note that future updates will mainly be on our new blog (blog.mailasail.com/enchantress).




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