UPDATED 23/7/2014

Below is listed my assessment of our safety equipment and I attach the Cruising Club requirements and recommendations for their rallies, which I have used as a yardstick.

Enchantress Safety Status – July 2014


I will be updating my safety briefing list with all the safety equipment and locations and ensure that Susan and any crew reads it properly. I will also update the safety rules for the boat.


This was serviced in May 2014.


We already have an emergency antenna and a cockpit remote control with integrated speaker.

Long Range Communications:

I need to test our SSB as we haven’t used it for over 2 years. We will be selling our Pactor modem as we won’t be using it. We have installed an Iridium satellite phone and will be using this for email, weather forecasts and emergency comms.


We have 2 EPIRB’s, a new Hydrostatic release model (GME 403FG) and a manual GME 403 which I will keep in the grab bag.

I have also bought 3 AIS MOB PLB’s and will attach them to 3 new Crewsaver Ergofit 290’s Lifejackets. I have also installed a Digital Yacht AIS Lifeguard system. This will give an alarm if one of the PLB's is activated and show the location of the person/PLB on the chart plotter.

Radar Reflector:

Already in place.


We already have an AIS transponder


I bought new ones in Turkey in May 2014. I will add gloves and goggles as suggested.


We have the requisite 2 lifebuoys, 1 attached to the danbuoy and drogue and one attached to a 50m floating line on a reel and light. I need to add some retro reflective material, which I have ready to put on.

Bilge Pumps:

We have 2 manual bilge pumps as recommended plus an electric pump.

Navigation Lights:

We have the requisite lights and bulbs, but I need to check the spare bulbs still work. We also have emergency navigation lights and a spare portable anchor light (LED). I have installed high power LED bulbs for the deck navigation lights and a replacement LED tricolour and anchor light.

Search Light:

We have a powerful search light that connects into the DC sockets in the cockpit. We don’t have a spare bulb/beam unit so I will look into that.


We have 3 new 290N Crewsaver Ergofit lifejackets and have AIS PLB’s to fit on them. We also have 5 275N automatic Lifejackets with combined harnesses and the requisite features. I have tested all the lifejackets and fitted new sensors and lights. We have 2 Spinlock 150N automatic lifejackets with harness etc. and have new sensors and lights. We have some double safety lines and some singles.

Clipping points:

We have a pretty good collection of clipping points throughout the cockpit.

Heavy items:

Our anchor is always tied down securely and has a bolt through it. Our batteries all have straps holding them in place. The 4 gas bottles are in a special gas box all securely held in place.

Other Equipment:

Recommended Equipment:

We have:

Recommended Grab Bag (GB) Contents:


We need to look at how we do refresher training – it is likely to be self taught/revision.


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